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Posted 08/28/14

New Vehicle Inspection Process
Starting 03-01-2015, Texas will embark on a new vehicle inspection process. You will no longer have an inspection sticker on your windshield. When your vehicle passes inspection, it will be entered into a state database by the inspection station. When you register your vehicle, they will query that database to confirm that the vehicle has passed inspection. Sounds simple and easy, right? There are some things to keep in mind. Inspection must be performed no more than 90 days prior to vehicle registration. You will need to keep the paper reciept from your inspection just in case something goes wrong when you go to register your vehicle. At least for the first year of the program, you may end up getting two inspections less than 12 months apart. Your registration fee will increase a bit, since the state's portion of the inspection fee will be paid with your registration, you'll only pay the inspector's fee to the inspection station.
This will may be confusing for some people the first year. I'm not sure how widely known this change is. Personally, I've always been a believer in a 13 month inspection sticker, waiting to get my vehicle inspected the month after it expired, thus gaining a month. It seemed to be a fairly innocuous way to satisfy my inner scofflaw. Guess I'll have to seek a different outlet now.
Additional information is available from the State of Texas Inspection website.
Tim Wright

Posted 06/10/14

It looks like the heat will be hitting the century mark this weekend. Please make sure you keep hydrated and keep out of the sun as much as possible. Same goes for dogs and cats.

POSTED 06/10/14

Next Town Council meeting will be 06-31-14 @ 5:30 pm.

POSTED 5/9/14 AT 1 PM

***North Ridge Estate Neighbors ~ earlier this morning Tim saw a critter (thought it was a skunk but could have been a ferret or weasel) near the west end of Stone Ridge Dr. between Willow and Valley. The animal crossed the street and went into the yard directly behind ours - the one with the horse. Our dogs saw it and began barking but the neighbor's horse didn't seem to notice because it went into the part of the yard between the house and his sectioned-off area. This is obviously a danger as these animals are nocturnal so being out during daylight could be a sign of rabies. Tim reported it to the sheriff's department who said they would send someone out however we thought it a good idea to advise everyone to be cautious and watchful.